There’s No Place Like Home For the Holidays

Certainly, there is no place like home for the holidays but what if home just isn’t what it used to be? Having moved after 18 years in the same home, Christmas in a different home has been challenging.

“Remember when we did that at the ‘old’ house?” you siblings ask. It instantly takes you back. To that wonderful place where you grew up. Where the majority of your memories reside. Sometimes it feels like you left them behind when you moved

No matter the reason for leaving: downsizing, a new job, convenience, financials, or because your parents said so… I can’t wait until I get to pull that card. It’s still hard. It seems we have one true home, one that will always take us back to everything good.

As you return home for the holidays, or you prepare for them, it’s hard to avoid reminiscing Christmases of the past. Where you were all young, you sat at the table and enjoyed a meal as a family, you raced down those same stairs every Christmas morning screaming and anticipating the gifts under the tree.

You could smell the coffee and hot chocolate and the beginnings of breakfast. You see the lights on the tree illuminating shiny bows and wrapping paper. You would search for your name and find the biggest one.  Your parents await your arrival, tired, but never showing it. They smile as they wait for your reaction to the gifts they worked hard to buy and prepare for you.

They await the hug and instant demand to play with you.

The room is a mess but you don’t notice.

Breakfast is ready and as delicious as it smells, you want to stay and play.

You look at your siblings’ toys and get a little jealous and become eager to play too.

Christmas music plays, all the classics humming in the background as you lie on the ground; tired, cozy, and warm next to the fireplace.

There may be some hardships, but on that Christmas morning, they are nonexistent. everything is right and perfect.

Looking back, some of the greatest memories lie in that house. And maybe some of the greatest tragedies as well. But, with those come some of the greatest growth, inspiration, and strength.