Seedlings Boutique

Seedlings. I used to wonder why this building on the outskirts of Downtown Holland was named this. I didn’t see a bunch of seeds, a greenhouse or newborn plants attempting to sprout from the ground. I saw a lot of stuff. From tall glass bottles and old rickety rocking chairs to vintage wooden-framed windows and hot tubs. Yes, I said hot tubs.

But now I know why it’s called seedlings. As you walk to the door you find all this stuff. Beautiful and useful in its own particular way, maybe not your way. But someone’s. You open the door and a world of possibilities floods into sight. You’re not sure what to set your eyes on first until little stunning creations begin to grab your attention.

A mannequin made of flowers and greenery, books connected by a string dancing on top of one another as they fall from the ceiling. Clothing full of prints, patterns and delicate designs. Jewelry galore made from, and for, anything. This and that, pieces of something bigger just waiting to be plucked from their temporary home inside a piano. Friendship sentiments that say a whole lot in little words such as love, cherish, passion or life. To describe all the little treasures in this lovely boutique, you and I would be here for ages. So, I’ll stop, so you can go see it for yourself because my words simply will not do it justice.

If I could guess why it’s called Seedlings, it’s because everything in this petite and charming space came from something and started somewhere. As a seedling does. It comes from the earth, seemingly small, sometimes unnoticed and many times unpredictable. But it grows and can be used for a myriad of things in life. Well, these trinkets, pieces and projects all came from somewhere and are something to someone. Maybe not to you, and that’s okay. But to someone, something in there is the final piece to their puzzle or the beginning of a new one.

So, how did such a masterpiece begin? Well, Mary Jo, the founder, had a dream. Had a desire to create. And so she did. It started as a workspace for her little projects. Then people began strolling in, intrigued by the stuff outside and inside. She soon found that these items meant something to someone. And to another someone and to another someone and the rest is a beautiful piece of history. She now travels to find more pieces and to share some of her own, all over the country.

Mary Jo, the inspiring, creative founder of Seedlings.

She speaks of God’s faithfulness and how her creativity and passions melted together to develop an amazing opportunity to share her hidden treasures with others. She has an amazing ability to take something many of us would look at and throw in the junk pile, some things many of us would say are just stuff and she finds a purpose for it. A purpose others rarely can see until it is physically laid out in front of them.

She doesn’t see it as stuff, but as a piece to a puzzle, a part of something bigger and something beautiful in its own way.