Running Rivers: A Little Piece of Paradise

Pick your kayak or paddle board, grab your life jacket, get on a bus or get right into the water and enjoy your peaceful, relaxing trip on the smooth waters of the Kalamazoo River. Only here at Running Rivers can you find an easy-going atmosphere that also offers relaxing and convenient trips near the beautiful lakeshore.

Photo Credit: Mista Marie Photography

Running Rivers is nestled at the end of Center Street that leads the way through the quaint small town of Douglas. Full of unique stores, restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and more, Running Rivers is the perfect destination all summer long. Whether you like to kayak during the day, basking in the sunlight and gazing at the still, clear water near the banks of the river, or if you prefer night time. When you can stare up or down and find the stars and the moon patiently awaiting your adventure, they are there to provide the best experience for you.

This family-owned business has been around for a while now. Mike, the owner, has created a fun and memorable experience for both his customers and his employees. He is determined to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and safe whether they are driving the bus to drop some adventurers off, or they're the adventurer themselves.

"It's never been a job for me. It doesn't feel like work" Mike says.
Mike and his daughter, Grace!

You can tell from the moment you walk up to their little hut that everyone there has a purpose and that it's so much more than a business. Mike employs about 11 people throughout the summer. And while many people stop the water sports when the cold arrives, he isn't one to shy away from some ice and snow! He has led some excursions on new years day to be the first on the water that year!