Real Life Goals for You and Your significant Other

Hi, there! Today, my good friend and fellow female business owner, Leanne Rahn, will be joining us to talk about some goals for 2020!

Leanne is a Fiduciary Independent Financial Advisor with Action Point Financial. She is married to her husband Austin and has a precious mini Golden Doodle about to turn 1! She specializes in newlyweds, female business owners and families with special needs.

We're both suggesting some realistic and attainable goals, financially and in real estate, for you and your significant other to consider achieving in 2020!

Planning for financial success within your marriage

Success is achieved through planning, discipline, and self-assessment. Success planning may seem intimidating when you are just starting the journey of marriage; I have shared, what I think, are the four most important steps that every newly-wed should take to start 2020 off on a successful path!

1. Schedule a Money Mind®️ Session

How you make a financial decision is determined by how you think and feel about money. Being on the same page with your spouse when it comes to money is one of the very first steps to success. With this three-phase program, you will learn how your spouse is financially motivated as well as how you are financially motivated. Are they motivated by protection, commitment, or happiness? Understanding their financial drive positively impacts your communication within your marriage. There is a reason this is first on my list of steps to success!

2. Start saving for retirement

What? But Leanne! I am only “x” years old! Let me ask you this: how many times have you said to yourself, Oh, I’ll start saving next week, next month, next year. The list goes on. The real truth is that time is on your side. Right now. NOT “x” amount of time from now. How much should you be saving? What if you don’t have an employer retirement option? Talk to me. Let’s figure out the best investment vehicle and investment amount for you - today.