Real Estate Isn’t the Only Real Investment

I had a teacher in high school who continually drilled me with the idea that going to a community college is the best choice. You should never pay more for a private school, a state school etc. He argued you get the same experience and credits from a community college.

He talked to us about budgeting and saving money- something I believe I do well. He told us the only investment we should make, the only thing in this life we should take loans out for is real estate.

I am here to share with you that I disagree. Strongly.

Buying a house vs. picking a college:

When looking for a house you must consider all aspects: location, environment, commute, community, price, value and so on.

You look for something that you can stay in and grow in. Whether that is for four years or forty.

You are looking for something that you can rely on, a place you can call home. A community that will welcome and invite you.

You are looking for relationships to bloom, people to know and to know you.

College isn’t that different.

You take your time carefully choosing a place where you can grow, meet people, learn, and find community.

You look at the price, you look at the location, the community. You prepare for a place that will be your home for the next four or more years.

During these four years, it’s more than just a loan, a big number on your screen or money coming out of your account. It’s time spent growing, changing, learning, loving.

It’s a time that will prepare you for more than a job. It helps prepare you for life. Life isn’t only about your job, your house or money. It’s about you and the people and things you love and that is