On The Sweetness Spectrum: Taylor Made Cakes is The Sweetest!

Cakes. Cupcakes. Unicorn cakes. Flower cakes. Wedding Cakes. Fruit Cakes. Cake pops. Carrot cakes. Dinosaur cakes. Monster Cakes. Basically any kind of cake and sweet dessert can be made and ready to devour here at Taylor Made Cakes!

In case you were wondering, the creative baker behind this business is in fact someone named Taylor, weird, right? All the way back in 8th grade she fell in love with baking and creating different, yummy desserts. She was inspired by her mom and aunt when they began to teach her the secret ways in which to combine ingredients and make them into something sweet and satisfying!

Since then, she has baked for her church, friends, family and others who have heard of her talent. She recently jumped in and began doing it full time on top of working toward a degree in event planning!

Taylor loves to make baking creative and she loves the challenge that each order brings. From a detailed wedding cake to themed cake pops, she's always up to try something new and work hard to give her clients what they're looking for!

"Anything on the sweet spectrum, I can't turn away!"

Taylor is determined to try all things sweet and savory and won't back down from a unique or one -of - a - kind order just because she hasn't done it before! She recently became an expert in all things Macaroons and only wishes to continue to understand the art of baking even more! She is constantly learning and growing with the help of her family and others who support her business and keep it running!

Taylor Made Cakes offers gluten free and dairy free options so more people can enjoy these delicious delicacies. You can message her one Facebook or make an appointment to order right now or to ask questions! She loves being able to run this small business and work with people close to her as well as newcomers! Take a look at all of her