Baert Baron Mansion B&B: Home Away From Home

Brilliant vintage sofas with plush cotton pillows,

The smell of sweet, warm desserts coming from the kitchen.

Mirrors that have stood tall and offered years of reflection.

Intricately woven rugs with designs that tell stories of their own.

Each a different color, combining and crossing every which way.

A staircase leading to rooms which contain personalities that are both unique and comforting.

A porch, that invites and entices one to take another step forward.

A man and a woman, welcoming you with the arms of someone you might know, or once knew.

Making you feel like your back at grandma's, mom's, dad's, an old friend's, where the delicious home-made meals and love never come to an end.

Back to a place of belonging and kindness.

A place of cherishing, hoping and living.

Where are you?

Well, you’re at the Baert Baron Mansion, Bed and Breakfast, of course.

A place unlike any other in West Michigan, and dare I say, the world.

Elegant and humble it lives not far from downtown Holland and Zeeland where it awaits its next adventure.