Get Back To Simple With Snoots In Cahoots

You know when you walk past cute little baby clothes and you scrunch your nose, squint your eyes and imagine a plump little baby squirming and smiling in that precious little outfit? Well if you don't do that, you're about to. What if baby clothes could be cute and made from all natural materials that won't harm your little one, or someone else's?

Look at their precious little "snoots"!

Snoots in Cahoots is doing just that. They're doing something different that not only benefits the babies wearing the charming, animal-themed clothes, but the people making the clothes as well. Every piece is made of 100% organic cotton and is shipped from India. But, they don't just hand over the designs and stay out of that part of the process. They work hard to make sure that there is no child labor involved. Period.

"Ethical & organic children’s wear. Peace of mind for the most precious piece of your heart."

This is their mission and they make it their job to inform others about what they do. What does this all really mean and why should you choose organic cotton?

Just like skin or makeup products can have harmful and ambiguous ingredients, the same can happen with the clothing you wear!

"Snoots in Cahoots chooses organic cotton because it is certifiably clean, meaning the fabric does not come in contact with chemicals or toxins of any form."

Learn more about the benefits here!

Orders take 6-9 months to be shipped back to Zeeland, MI. This means planning, scheduling and designing months in advance to ensure the products arrive for their customers. Marianne Jordan, one of the founders and the creative designer, (one among many gifts she possesses) says this almost year - long process reminds her of the importance of slowing down and keeping things simple.

There’s something still today to be said about slowing down and working as clean and honest as you are able to. Good things really do take time, whether it’s in busines