Fighting Forward Book Review

I have been posting a lot about Hannah Brencher's Fighting Forward book that was just released this month. Check out my IGTV video I made on release day! Here is my review. If you don't like to read, feel free to skip it and just click this link and go buy it. Because it's worth every penny and more.

If you want to support local bookstores, buy it here! Read my review below for some insight into what the book is about and the encouragement and goodness it has to offer.

Fighting Forward: Your Nitty-Gritty Guide to Beating the Lies that Hold You Back

- Hannah Brencher

This book is one that you will find yourself pulling back out later in life to share with someone. A tired friend, a lost family member, a coworker who needs some direction, your son or daughter who needs fight songs sung into them from the very beginning.

For yourself, when you need a reminder that the lies you are fed, from yourself or others, don't have to stay. They don't have to keep you from moving forward. The pressure from culture and society can be left behind so you can fight forward.

The uncertainty, self-doubt, and comparison can eat your dust as you fight forward and run your own race. The slow magic can help you show up and stay consistent despite how culture pushes us to go-go-go, never slow down, always be doin