• Aubree DeVisser

Too Much and Not Enough

Feeling like you’re not enough is such a constant struggle.

Feeling like you’re too much is such a constant struggle.

How do we survive when we feel like we’re not enough or we’re too much?

Is there a middle ground? Can we even find it and live there?

So many times we find this worth or lack of it, in other people. Not even those we think are judging us, but those closest to us.

We are expecting to be enough for them, or we are trying too hard not to be too much for them. And when we don’t accomplish either of these things we become angry and disappointed.

How does it make sense that we go to these people, no matter how much we love them or they love us for this worth?

We have someone who always says we’re enough. Someone who knows himself what enough is. We have someone who loves us and finds so much more worth in us than even the the people who love us most in our life.

Yet, time and time again we put more value in earthly opinions and feelings. This is something I will never understand yet am guilty of myself.

I am just thankful for a God who loves me just the same. Despite my constant choices and decisions.

To him, it’s not even a question of “am I enough?” It’s a statement that you are a child of God, therefore, you are everything.

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