• Aubree DeVisser

To Anybody Waiting for Their Breakthrough

To all of you who are waiting for your breakthrough, I might have some encouragement but it also might be an unpopular opinion.

It's already here.

Yeah, I know. It sounds crazy. Overly hopeful and maybe a little unrealistic and optimistic. But, I think there's some truth in it. How do I know? Because I'm just like you. I'm waiting for that big breakthrough. That moment. That time. That wow factor and sigh of relief when you can look around and say I made it.

But what if it's already here. Or worse, what if it's right under our nose and we're missing it. What if our breakthrough has been here. All along. Or rather with us all along. I'm starting to believe, really believe, that we're not just meant for one big moment or even a couple. There's never going to be this monumental moment where every single thing comes together and life is perfect.

There will always be another problem, another goal, another moment to get to. I thought when I graduated high school and went to college, that was my moment. Then it came and it went. Then I thought graduating college would be it. I had dreams of going off and being successful and pulling it all together. Then that came and it went (without the pulling it all together part). I thought passing my real estate exam was my moment. Then that came and went.

I thought I'd be engaged or married, living in a place I loved and could call my own, thriving in my job and making a decent living, going on adventures and vacations and living my best life, as they say.

I'm fully aware life doesn't work that perfectly for many, if not anyone. However, I think we still have this vision, fantasy, dream, idea, call it what you want, of what life is supposed to be like. But life isn't like that at all.

It has bumps and bruises. Lows and highs. It's hard. It has lessons to teach you not just highlights and snapshots of what's to come. It hits you when you least expect it and sometimes it keeps you down for a season. Or it surprises you and brings you so much goodness you're not even sure where it came from or if you even deserve it.

What if our breakthrough is two-fold. Breaking and continuing through it. You can be broken and still follow through. We do it all the time. We are discouraged and yet still find some courage to get through. We are lost but still find our way through one foggy, shaky step at a time. We are sad but find little pockets of joy that bring us through.

We're living in an all or nothing world and I don't think that's healthy or even natural. We're not meant to live in one thing or another. We're meant to live in an environment where both sides co-exist. Like how a battery needs a positive and a negative side to power things. Or how we need true sadness to know what true joy is. Or how we need brokenness to understand what it means to be whole.

It's not all or nothing. It's not be successful or don't. It's not be enough or don't, be strong or don't, be happy or don't... It's a little bit of both that makes it all work. You can't have one without the other. So why do we try so hard and waste so much time, effort and energy on trying to act as if we can, or should be, one or the other?

We're not made to live that way. It's okay to be broken. It's okay to wonder when is it my time or my turn. But what I don't think is okay, is us living for those moments as if they're more than just that, a moment, in the many years we have to live.

There will always be another moment but there will never be another moment like this one. The one your living in right now. Whether you are broken, excited, nervous, sad, disappointed, appreciative, scared or joyful, feel those things. And then remind yourself that you either know how this feels and you're grateful that you're in this space or you're hopeful because you know what the other side looks like and you can get there.

I've been waiting for my "breakthrough" for years now and look where it's gotten me. I've wasted a lot of precious moments allowing myself to keep my mind and heart in the future where there's only one side of the story. The good, easy, simple, dreamy things. Which of course, these things are good, but they're not the only thing and that's certainly not what life is about.

I hope you meet those goals, get that job, find that person, get that award, get to the place you've dreamed of but not because you waited for a specific moment only to lose all the others before it. But because you lived in all those moments before that prepare you for the next moment so you can enjoy it humbly and with grace and contentment not wishing it away for the next one.

Keep on going, friend. You're right where you're supposed to be and it can only get better from here. Not because of your circumstances but because you choose to take all that life throws at you and still see the beauty in it.

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