• Aubree DeVisser

Time is Only a Number

If you’re like me, you wake up with a to-do list on your mind. From the moment you get out of bed to the moment you crawl back into it, your mind is buzzing with things it thinks it needs to check off.

Whether that’s easy things such as doing your laundry or more difficult things such as getting a big project done.

And it seems every time you check something off, your brain remembers one or two or 6 more things it wants to add. And you feel like your 100 steps behind despite the fact that you’re still accomplishing tasks.

It feels like the list will never end but time will. There’s only so many hours in a day. I’m envious of God. Time isn’t even a concept for him to think about. He is time. He lives in an eternity of moments that don’t need to be counted or seized because every one of them is glorious and never ending.

I have been praying each day for about a month now that God would really show me how to put him first. To keep him at my number one priority. But time and time again, I choose my to-do list over him. But why? Without him I wouldn’t even have a to-do list. I wouldn’t have anything. Yet here I am wearing myself down until I feel worn and exhausted and leaving a few moments for him and the things I love most.

It’s actually a miracle I made time for this. Even something I love as much as writing gets thrown away because of the busy work I put in front of it.

As a college student, with classes, work, homework and making time for my relationships, it feels like I have no time left in the day and yet I’m somehow supposed to be “present”. “Don’t take this time for granted” they all say when you tell them it’s your last semester.

How can you not take for granted something you don’t even enjoy? They say take your time and live in the moment. But what if every moment you spend living in feels like you’re suffocating because you’re not getting things done. My honest question is how do you balance every aspect of your life while also putting God first?

I can honestly say I feel like I’m worn out and my first week of classes isn’t even over. What’s your way of dealing with busyness?

All I know is that God’s idea of time sounds pretty great right now.

I’m in desperate need of prayer and advice so I appreciate any comments!

Thanks for listening…

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