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The Indi Suites

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to have a career and a life you love at the same time?

•To make your own schedule?

•To come and go from work whenever you want?

•To be your own boss?

•To have your own space, with your own touch on it for you and your clients?

Well, creator and founder of The Indi Suites, Karra Kalkman, asked these same questions. But, she didn’t stop there. She took a leap of faith after feeling this way for years and began to make plans that have now turned into West Michigan’s signature full-service salon experience.

At The Indi Suites, you can rent out your own studio to start, or continue, your business!

Do you work in any of the following fields?

If you answered yes, maybe you’re thinking you could do more on your own. That you would have less limitations and more control over your work and your life.

If any of this is resonating with you, The Indi Suites is a great place to start! From affordable and flexible renting, to professional, practical and beautiful suites ready to take on all your clients, everything you need to thrive as a business owner is right inside these doors.

Located in the Westshore Mall strip of outlet stores near Burlington!

Here are just a few of the things

The Indi Suites offers!

• Convenient location

• Industrial, modern space

• Private locking entrance

• 24 hour access to your suite

• On-site laundry

• Free wireless internet

• Wheelchair accessible

• Comfortable client waiting area

• One and two year leases available

Maybe you want to split a studio with someone else. Go for it. The Indi Suites offers a variety of options when it comes to renting out a space. Maybe you’re a single mom that can only work while your kids are at school. Perfect. Maybe you have a full-time job but your passion is in one of the areas listed above and you just want to try it on the side. Do it. Maybe you’re done with school, received your license and want to start your own business, today.

The Indi Suites says “YES!”. If anyone wants you to succeed and do what you love, it's the The Indi Suites.

Karra and her team understand the need for flexibility and affordability. As a cosmetologist herself, she was in the same position. She worked at a salon but felt there were too many limitations and regulations that didn’t allow her to reach her full potential.

She wasn’t happy where she was at and wanted something more for her business, family and her clients.She knew that she deserved to be happy and satisfied with her work and this was the way to do it. She didn't just want it for herself though, but for others, maybe like you, who were looking for this too!

If anyone wants to see you grow, succeed and be your own boss, it’s Karra. She is welcoming you into The Indi Suite family and offering you an opportunity that can quite literally, change your life!

However, The Indi Suites is almost full and it hasn’t even opened yet! The grand opening will be toward the end of August (stay updated on the details of this event by following them). Apply today and get connected with your own, personal studio for whichever career you love and want to succeed in. The only requirement is that you are licensed.

What’s stopping you from chasing your dreams and becoming your own boss while you’re at it? The Indi Suites certainly isn’t! Click here to stay updated and see more of what this business has to offer.

Meet Karra, the owner and founder! She is dedicated to offering you and your business a space to do what you love and make money at the same time! She is a firm believer in not letting others get in the way of you and your dreams!

It's pretty easy to be the world's best boss when you are your own boss!


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