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Real Life Goals for You and Your significant Other

Hi, there! Today, my good friend and fellow female business owner, Leanne Rahn, will be joining us to talk about some goals for 2020!

Leanne is a Fiduciary Independent Financial Advisor with Action Point Financial. She is married to her husband Austin and has a precious mini Golden Doodle about to turn 1! She specializes in newlyweds, female business owners and families with special needs.

We're both suggesting some realistic and attainable goals, financially and in real estate, for you and your significant other to consider achieving in 2020!

Planning for financial success within your marriage

Success is achieved through planning, discipline, and self-assessment. Success planning may seem intimidating when you are just starting the journey of marriage; I have shared, what I think, are the four most important steps that every newly-wed should take to start 2020 off on a successful path!

1. Schedule a Money Mind®️ Session

How you make a financial decision is determined by how you think and feel about money. Being on the same page with your spouse when it comes to money is one of the very first steps to success. With this three-phase program, you will learn how your spouse is financially motivated as well as how you are financially motivated. Are they motivated by protection, commitment, or happiness? Understanding their financial drive positively impacts your communication within your marriage. There is a reason this is first on my list of steps to success!

2. Start saving for retirement

What? But Leanne! I am only “x” years old! Let me ask you this: how many times have you said to yourself, Oh, I’ll start saving next week, next month, next year. The list goes on. The real truth is that time is on your side. Right now. NOT “x” amount of time from now. How much should you be saving? What if you don’t have an employer retirement option? Talk to me. Let’s figure out the best investment vehicle and investment amount for you - today.

3. Discuss life goals

Is your dream to backpack across Europe? Have kids soon or someday at all? Buy a house with a five-minute walk to the beach? Whatever your dreams and goals are, they need to be talked about. Put them on paper and determine a timeline. When do you want them? Are they realistic and measurable? Planning is the only way you are going to achieve success. You don’t just stumble upon it. My job as a financial advisor includes helping you create an action plan to accomplish your life goals. Success is in the midst!

4. Plan for check-ups

Imagine this: it is the end of January 2020. You have successfully completed the three steps above. Life gets busy (as it always does). Your life goals change. You have some extra money each month coming in from a raise you just received. So now what? This is where my last step to success comes into play. Plan for check-ups with your spouse. Life changes every day and adjusting for those changes is crucial. Maybe you sit down with your spouse once a month or maybe every six months. Put it on the calendar and follow through! There are always curveballs in life and if you are attentively ready to catch whatever comes your way, success is in your control.

Follow these four steps with your spouse and you will be on the path to success. Marriage is one of the best journeys in life. Be prepared together and ride life’s waves with ease! And don’t forget - success is always planned!

Here at Action Point, we believe in low-oriented fees and always putting our client’s best interest first. I have no affiliations with any brokerage firms, I don't sell products, and I don't accept commissions. Want more information? Contact me!

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Alright, so now you have some financial goals to put in place for 2020. Why not make some goals to buy your first home at the same time? Our goals are actually really similar and if you can set Leanne's goals and work on those, I think you'll find these goals fit right in!

1.) Save:

•Did you know that your downpayment and closing costs are not included in the loan? Make sure you’re saving up for those out of pocket expenses that come with buying a home!

•Expect around 3-5% of the purchase price for closing costs.

•Example: You want a $200,000 home. That's an estimated $6,000- 9,000 in closing costs. Calculate your potential expenses here!

**This is something you can talk to Leanne about to make room for this in your budget!

2.) Get familiar with the process

•Know the steps and what you need to be aware of before buying your first home.

•Want to be at our next first time home buyers event? It’s free and offers a lot of beneficial information to prepare you for the process. Let us know if you want more details and if you want to be at the next one!

** Did you know using a buyer's agent is FREE? Why not be represented?

3.) Get Preapproved!

•Ask me for some recommendations, take a look at a few lenders and ask them what they might be able to do for you and then choose the one that best fits your situation and is someone you trust!

4.) Get on the same page

• Make sure you’re having the conversation with each other to decide on your dealbreakers so the house hunting is easier and a little more fun :).

•Click here if you want a fun and quick worksheet for you and your significant other to see what you really want in a home!

5.) Get the search started!

Ready to start? Let’s talk! Follow this link to get started on your own search. Before you know it, you'll be in your new home, financially set and ready to take on the next big thing!

If you have any questions about any of these goals/steps for 2020, reach out! We would love to chat. We hope this was helpful and that 2020 has so many new and amazing opportunities for you to succeed!

Happy New Year!! Wishing you the BEST YEAR YET!!

Aubree & Leanne


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