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My Vintage Affair

Vintage couches, vintage chairs, vintage mirrors, vintage glasses, vintage bars on wheels, vintage plates, vintage tables, vintage doors… vintage everything. Can you guess where we are? No, not an antique store and no, we’re not in your grandmother’s basement :).

Welcome to My Vintage Affair! A place full of beautiful pieces that get your daydreaming started and your mind planning for that next event. Especially if you're a Future Mr. or Mrs.!

Have you ever tried finding the right thing that makes your event complete? Whether it's your upcoming wedding, an anniversary party, a themed (or not themed) cocktail party, a family reunion… anything. You don’t need an excuse to come in and find the thing that you need to make something perfect.

So, how does this work? Well, owner, Candice Grant, owner, newlywed and lover of all things weddings, events and vintage affairs, offers all of the timeless, character-filled pieces for you to come and see.

"I was born to help people celebrate!"

Come linger for four hours and wonder how you never knew about this place or stop in and leave with your favorite piece, or pieces, within 20 minutes.

You get to rent out the things you love and have to have, and then when you’re done, you just get to drop them off and never worry about them again. Let's face it, we all have been in a spot where we LOVE something and know it’s what we have to have, but once we use it for one big event, it will probably end up in the basement, attic or sadly, at a thrift store.

My Vintage Affair solves all these problems and allows you to spend those precious moments with that vintage, delicately carved and designed sofa while you visit with your loved ones at your wedding. And then, they make sure you do not worry about where it ends up afterward. You know that special chair, lamp, coffee table and plate, was used for a special purpose in your life, and it can move on to do the same for someone else!

In a nutshell, you’ll rent your chosen pieces, bring it to your venue, enjoy your event, use those chosen pieces to your heart’s content and simply bring it back when you’re done. It’s that easy.

Candice works hard to keep all these purposeful, memory-filled treasures in a space that is conveniently located on Lincoln Street in Holland. Just a skip and a hop away from Downtown. She has a passion for discovering hidden treasures that have the potential to make someone's event that much better. To make their special event perfect with the final touch of something vintage.

Photos by the talented and beautiful Mista Marie Photography.

She recognized the stress and pressure of finding all the right things for her wedding, just over a month ago, and knew she wanted to make sure she could help make these big events a little bit easier and take some of the weight off of the shoulders of those who are masterfully planning these special days!

"I was born to help people celebrate!!” And when you meet her and see how involved she is with her businesses and clients, you'll agree!!

You can find just about anything at My Vintage Affairs, you just have to make an appointment, stop in, and get lost in all the magical, dreamy, perfect ideas that flood your heart and soul as soon as you walk in.

Whether you're looking for bride and groom chairs, sofas, doors, decor, tables, plates and silverware, baskets or a vintage wedding dress... you'll find it at My Vintage Affairs. And if you don't see it in the shop, it might be rented out, and coming back soon, and if that's not the case, don't worry. You have Candace and she knows how to find that precious hidden treasure that you need.

Make an appointment today and checkout their Facebook page for more information!



Stay tuned for new details about The Venue, Port 393, Candice and her husband are bringing to Holland! Subscribe here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see updates and to learn more about this stunning, one-of-a-kind venue opening in March of 2020!


Photography was done by the beautiful and talented, Mista Marie Photography! Who knows, you could book with Mista AND Port 393 and have the best photographer and venue in town! This may or may not have something to do with my next Local Hidden Treasure!! Stay tuned :).

Take a look at Mista's beautiful work on Instagram and Facebook!

Mista Gates, owner and creator of Mista Marie Photography

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