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Mista Marie Photography

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Well, I'll stop here and let them speak for themselves.

Just kidding. I do have a few things to say.

For one, let me introduce you to the person who took these amazing photos: The beautiful and incredibly talented, Mista Gates. Owner and founder of Mista Marie Photography! Let me tell you about how everything fell in her lap as soon as she picked up a camera.

Just kidding... again. Mista has worked hard to get where she is today. She started off, after graduating from Hamilton high school in 2015, working for a vacation rental company. She was also taking classes at GRCC AND dipping her toe into the world of photography.

Talk about a busy woman. To put it in perspective, she was devoting 70 hours a week to work and school. Mista was doing photography on the side and began to fall in love with it. From the editing process to the moments she was able to capture for her clients, she knew this was something she loved. Something she could see herself doing for years to come.

What happened next wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. Deciding you want to work for yourself full time is no easy task and it comes with its hardships. Despite how daunting and uncertain the endeavor was, she chose to leave her full-time, steady income, consistent paycheck job, to pursue a camera and whatever showed up through the lens.

However, she was pursuing so much more than that. She was dedicating her time and resources to others. To capturing and preserving their memories and special moments. She was sacrificing her moments, to focus in on others'. To allow them the space and time to express themselves in all different forms in order to one day look back and laugh, smile, cry, fall in love, cherish and feel grateful for the memories of back then.

Mista understands that being in front of a camera isn't easy. She knows that not everyone feels completely and totally comfortable in their own skin, especially when someone else is the one focusing in. She gets this and makes sure that whoever does show up in front of her lens is not only seen through the camera but seen in every other aspect as well.

She's careful to ask and be aware of anything you do or do not like. She understands if you want to try again or if you're not sure about a picture. When you're not really feeling yourself, she encourages and lifts you up to make you not only look good but feel good too.

She finds a way to reach you and let you know you were made for this moment and for being in front of the camera to capture it. No pressure, no particular rules or regulations, just you and whatever it is you want to express and show in that moment.

Whether it's a moment a bride and groom never knew they had. A moment where your child celebrates his or her birthday by smashing a cake in their face. A moment you share with someone you love. That deep, lost in your eyes, forever kind of look? She captures that too.

All I can say is Mista really does go above and beyond for all of her clients. Traveling to a seniors favorite spot is something she does often. Taking pictures at sunrise...Yes she does that a lot. And you better believe she's there 15 minutes early scoping out the lighting and the environment to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Family photos are not always easy or organized but Mista is a natural at gently and kindly, restoring order to offer that perfect, priceless photo of grandma and grandpa with the legacy and piece of history they created.

Pictures tell stories. And the funny thing is, rarely does the story have anything to say about who was behind the camera, the person who helped create the moment and capture it for a lifetime.

The person solely responsible for allowing us to look back at all those tiny pixels that came together to form a lasting memory. That's what she loves. Being the one in charge of those little treasures. Taking them, sifting through them and sending them off to their rightful owners. People who will hold on to them for years and always be grateful and full of love when they pull it back out and experience those moments all over again.

Mista behind the camera: Not a rare moment but definitely a rare photo.

To sum it all up, Mista Marie Photography is more than photos. It's capturing precious little moments for when we need to look back on them to gain a little perspective. For when we need to hold something to feel a little closer to someone. For when we need to laugh, cry, cherish, love and most of all, remember.

So, when you're thinking about a special moment, one you want captured for now and for later, invite Mista into that moment and you won't regret it.


Mista does basically everything. This time I'm not kidding. Weddings, engagements, couples, maternity, families, professional head-shots, products, seniors and so much more. And I am thrilled to share with you her latest offer... Drum Roll Please...



At the Felt Mansion!! Book them with her now before her schedule is full!

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Mista has been involved in photography since 2014 and has been on her own since April of 2019! She recently got engaged to her high school sweetheart of 9 years and is getting married next April! So it looks like they will be celebrating their marriage and Mista's first full year of photography! When she's not working, which is NOT often, she enjoy spending time with family and her dog, Koda :). You can almost always find her editing and selecting photos in coffee shops all over West Michigan.


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