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John Mayer and Good Friends

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I have listened to John Mayer’s music for years now. Turning it on, reminiscing on the good old days, crying when he sings his heart out about love in so many different ways.

Concerts do something to you. In a world where so many live through the screen of their phones, through other people, live concerts give you something so much more.

They give you a sense of belonging. In the midst of thousands of people, you can feel a sense of unity, of peace, and love. Everyone is there for this person or this band. It’s one small thing you have in common with all of these people you might never have been in the same space with otherwise.

Time stopped for a while as we sat anticipating his arrival, as we sang to his beautifully, carefully crafted songs, and as we waited for the encore.

Looking back, it’s one of my most favorite memories. Getting to spend moments like this with friends is something I know is good for the soul. I left content, but I also left wishing I could live inside these songs forever.

So, here’s to attending more concerts where real people meet for real entertainment despite our differences. Here’s to good music and good friends.

**ALSO, thank you to John Mayer for coming back and writing fantastic songs once again. And for giving your best at the final destination in Indiana… you’re an inspiration and I hope my words can some day have as much as an impact as yours have.

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