• Aubree DeVisser

I lose Myself.

I lose myself too easily.

I forget who I am.

Whose I am.

I lose myself in this world.

This world full of chaos.

Empty of reality.

This place I call home.

A temporary, confusing place.

Full of busyness and success.

Empty of love and kindness.

I lose myself in the future.

A figment of my naive imagination.

Full of perfection and ease.

Empty of unknowns and hardships.

I lose myself in the past.

A glorified memory or what once was.

Full of bliss and wholeness.

Empty of heartache and understanding.

I lose myself in the present.

Caught up in what came before and what comes after.

Full of life, hope and cherishing.

Empty of demand and doubt.

I lose myself everywhere.

So I don't belong anywhere.

Full of nothingness and disappointment.

Empty of compassion and grace.

Only when I lose myself.

Do I find myself.

Where I go to a place I belong.

A place I can call home.

Full of whispering dune grass and glistening waters.

Empty of expectations and false pretenses.

I lose myself in the beauty of creation.

And in the arms of the The Creator.

Full of unconditional love, mercy, hope, strength, identity, peace, joy and stillness.

Empty of rejection, hatred, misunderstanding, judgement and restlessness.

If this is how I lose myself.

I don't ever want to be found by anyone else.

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