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Annie Lane Bridal: Find YOUR dress and take it home

Hey. So, you just got engaged? You're about to get married? You're about to spend forever with that special someone who you can't live without? Well, we all know that the groom is important. But we also know that THE dress is more important. HA! I'm just joking... kind of :). Let's just settle and say they both have a big purpose and you have to have both for your wedding day!

While many big companies sell wedding dresses, you have to admit, there's something about finding a small local bridal boutique to visit in search of the perfect dress. You get catered to, you get to create a relationship, their options are different and you don't see 20 of the same dresses, they're more flexible and willing to work with you to provide the best experience. Well, that's exactly what you will get when you come to Annie Lane's Bridal in Downtown Zeeland!

Not only do they offer a personal and exciting experience for all of you soon-to-be brides, but those of you going to homecoming, prom or any other formal dance! Annie Lane has all sorts of beautiful, unique dresses for you to choose from! Whether you're planning for prom or you need a last-minute dress for a dance... she's got you covered!! Also, for all the men and boys, there will be tuxes to rent as well!

You’ll walk in, find an inviting space and a LOT of wedding gowns, homecoming and prom dresses and accessories! Annie, the owner, has a passion for offering everything you need for your perfect day!

The original pastel brick wall brings your attention to the all the bridal gowns hanging delicately awaiting their new owner. There are long sleeves, vintage dresses, strapless, halter, silk, mermaid, ballgown… too many different and unique pieces to name! You'll just have to come and see it for yourself!

So, where did all this begin? Annie and her husband decided to settle down in the area after they took their RV and traveled around. This idea was something that started small, in their basement to be exact. It was Annie's dream to expand that dream! They saw that there was a space available downtown Zeeland and fell in love with it and the idea of opening a bridal store!

Annie loves wedding dresses and being able to help someone find their dress at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality is part of her passion. She handpicks the dresses which means you get to come in and bring the dress home with you THAT SAME DAY!! No ordering or waiting necessary! I don't know about you, but that just means more opportunities to wear it and love it before the big day :).

She has all different styles, shades, sizes and designs hanging up and ready for you to come to try on! She also has jewelry and veils along with other accessories that you can add to complete your look and feel confident for your big day!

Annie hopes to continue running this business for the next five years and then eventually hand it over to her daughter. She loves it but also knows that she would like to continue to travel and see more of the world while also still having a part in the business!

She and her family have worked hard to turn this space upside down and into a bridal boutique! From big golden-rimmed mirrors, perfect for looking at your new gown, teary-eyed, not wanting to look at your family members/loved ones in the face for fear of all-out losing it. To comfortable vintage furniture for your family/loved ones to cry in when they see you step up and show off THE dress. Oh, and tissues are always arms-length away :).

So, I think it's safe to say you should come and check them out. AND you should do it soon because they have their grand opening on September 9! AND they are offering 40% off!! AHH. I'm sitting here thrilled for this and I'm not even engaged so shoutout to all my soon-to-be-married friends, LET'S GO!

For more information and future events, you can follow them on Facebook :)

Annie Lane Bridal is located at 152 E Main Avenue in Zeeland!


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