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5 Tips to Sell Your Home

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

You're selling your house, congrats! I hope it's with me if you're from the area (#Westmichigan) if you're not from Michigan, I'm still glad you're here and let me know if you need me to refer you to someone! If you are, well, I'll try not to take it personally ;). If you're not using a realtor at all... well, I will respect that and try really hard not to be offended :). If you have questions about finding the right realtor, contact me!

Anyway, you don't have time for any more intro stuff because you're busy trying to sell your home!! So let's get right to it!

1.) C L E A N I T.

Alright, folks. This should be a no-brainer unless you're selling as is or something out of the norm. Even then, it's nice to clean it. It's much more appealing and people won't be distracted by the mess and leave with only bad things to say simply because it was dirty.

2.) M a k e i t S m e l l G O O O D

Did you know that smell is the most sensitive sense we have? And you know how all your friends/family have a "smell" but you can never smell your own "smell"? My point exactly. As Febreze says, don't go nose blind. What you smell isn't what other people smell.

If you have pets, remember, that's one of the first things potential buyers will notice because of the smell, fur on furniture or on the floor or anywhere else and by seeing their dishes or food out in the open. I know, we all love our pets but not everyone else does. Just grab some Febreeze from your local Target, Meijer, Walmart or Amazon, basically, anywhere. Or some plugins, anything to freshen the place up that hits them when they walk in so they're not only thinking about the smell of the place and not the charm and potential it has.

3.) D e c l u t t e r

Make sure you don't have piles of stuff in small spaces, or anywhere really. Don't stack a bunch of books in one place. Maybe get rid of some unnecessary decorations that make the walls look too busy. Organize the furniture in a way that allows for the most open feel. Get rid of/hide furniture that is in the way or squeezed into one place.

Basically, try to minimalize. The less of your stuff, the more the potential buyer can visualize their stuff there. Some people will even take down personal decorations/items. Make the buyer forget their in someone's home so they can imagine themselves in there and making it there own.

4.) P a i n t

A fresh coat of paint goes a LONG way! It makes it look cleaner, it covers a lot of the wear and tear and the age of a home. Consider repainting if you have a lot of bright/non-neutral colors. You don't have to do this, but if you pick trending colors or some natural/neutral shades, once again, it's easier for the potential buyer to visualize.

If you have a bright pink living room, it will stand out yes, but maybe not in the best way. You might love pink in the living room but unfortunately, most people don't have that same taste. Choosing simple, easy to match colors, might make it more boring to you, but it doesn't stick out and take their attention off the rest of the home. Here's some inspiration for you! And if you're a #Michigander, here's some made-in- Michigan paint I highly recommend!

5.) S e t i t U p

The goal here is to make the potential buyer feel at home. So don't empty the whole place out when doing #3 but make it feel like someone can live there and what it might look/feel like to do that. Staging your home is a great way to sell it.

Setting the table, having towels neatly folded near the jacuzzi, candles in the bathroom or on the counter, a fresh bowl of fruit, fresh flowers or blankets neatly arranged on the couch/chair. The keyword here is NEATLY. Think of Pottery Barn setups or IKEA. They sell the WHOLE thing. Not just the table but everything on it because that makes you think about your family sitting there at dinner time or your loved ones gathered around for brunch or for the holidays.

Do you see what I mean? There's emotion involved in staging. It doesn't only help declutter and organize but to set the stage and show the potential buyer what they could have there in your home and nowhere else! Looking for someone to stage your home and do this for you at an affordable cost? Check out Renew With Sue!


Remember to tell all of the people in your home to be out of the house at least 30 minutes before the next showing/open house. Nothing says "let's leave and not buy this home" like your teenager fast asleep in their bed when the Realtor opens the bedroom door to show their clients. Yes, this happens. :)

Want more tips? Have questions about real estate? Contact me!


Realtor in Holland, MI with Five Star Lakeshore. Author of Local Hidden Treasures. Small business enthusiast.

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