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I hate Twitter. Do I have to use it for my business?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

First things first. You might not actually hate Twitter. You might just hate who you follow on Twitter. This platform, like all others, is easier to consistently post on if you really like what you’re seeing. If you’re scrolling through rolling your eyes, finding yourself bored thinking about how much you hate reading about Brittany’s bad hair day or Dave’s golf score, chances are you’ve just picked the wrong people for your feed.

Using Twitter effectively starts with following relevant and interesting people or businesses. Following everyone on the recommendation list isn’t always helpful. If you’re running a pizza business and you’re following Brittany just for a follow back, it’s not worth it. Find your customers, follow Burt’s Poppin’ Pizza and see what he’s up to and if he’s real competition. Follow local restaurants and shops to be in the know in your community.

Connect with the people you or your business has something in common with and create actual relationships. Yes. Intentionality does exist online. When you’re connected with others, you’re more likely to keep up on that and they’re more likely to come back to your Twitter, check out your website, physically come and buy your pizza and then share about it on Twitter and other platforms.

Use some (but not all) your posts to navigate people to your blog, website or other social media platforms. Don’t overwhelm them with links and forget to give them real content.

Quick hint: You only have 140 characters, so use a site like Bitly to shorten your link.

Post videos and pictures that offer value to your audience. Don’t post about golf or a bad hair day… unless it has to do with pizza. If that’s the case for either of those topics, you probably have some interesting content on your hands.

Want more post ideas for Twitter? Check them out here.

Once you build your foundation and work out all those relationships, that aren’t hard because you genuinely connected with your followers, Twitter could become your new favorite platform.Or not. But at least you won’t hate it.

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