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Is Digital Marketing Worth it?

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Is investing in Digital Marketing Worth it?

What’s the big deal about marketing your business or brand online? Is social media marketing worth it? I’m obligated to say yes simply because it’s my career choice, except there’s so much more to it.

Marketing through social media and having an online presence is crucial. For starters, it gives you more credibility. Searching for a business on Google usually brings up 1of 3 things, or 2 of 3 if you’re ambitious.

1.) a website.

2.) a Facebook page/ social platforms.

3.) no search results.

Now, when someone who is looking for your business sees one of the first two, they’re more likely to contact you or visit the business.

If there are no search results, well, people may assume you are not credible, you’re illegitimate or nonexistsent!

So, what if you’re not completely off the grid and you have some online presence. Let’s say you have a Facebook page. The question isn’t do you have a Facebook page? It is, do you have an updated, informative and engaging Facebook page? It’s one thing to have one and another to manage it and maintain it well so customers can understand and value your business.

Let me put it simply. The more social media marketing you do, the more you are engaging with your customers, the more likely they are to:

  1. Return

  2. Invite someone new and

  3. Refer or review you.

The math is simple. They come in more, you make more money. They bring someone new, your sales have increased. However, you also have gained a new customer and therefore, there is another opportunity for a connection.

You get a review. That’s important feedback that your business needs and should always want, even if it’s negative. It’s what helps you discover what you can improve on and if it’s positive, it makes you feel good about the work you’re doing. Not to mention, it will most likely be a factor in others choosing to work with you. Which ultimately, brings in more money.

While social media does increase your sales, it also adds to your business by inviting new relationships to develop. Engaging with your audience and letting them know you care about the service you provide them is what drives people to come and to stay. After all, without them, you would be nothing. (Mind-blowing, right?)

Maybe you think social media is just an extra piece that isn’t necessary for every business. You’re right. It’s not necessary for every business. Only for the ones who want to keep growing and succeeding in their company and in their customer relationships is it necessary and worth it.

Do you want to dig deep into your business and discover what it’s really about? I can tell you now, it’s about the people that make it stay alive. Investing back into them, as they have in you, is crucial. My goal is to help you either find that or stem off of what you already know your business is about.

I do this in a creative and unique way by putting time and effort into getting to know not only you but the business and what is at its core. Once you find that, there are endless possibilities for how you can grow your business and those relationships in it.

I hope this is helpful and you now have a better understanding of why I take my job seriously and why you should consider the results you can have by investing in digital marketing. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me!

If you read this far, thank you for your time. I know how valuable it is.

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