Here you can find a lot of things. From Real Estate guidance and marketing consulting to inspiring local stories about hidden treasures in West Michigan.

I've found that I love a lot of different things and I thought they were too messy, unconnected and simply didn't work together. Well, I was wrong. Each of these things I love to do has a place and a meaning.

You see, I can use all of these things to be a world changer.

That might mean helping a business get recognized that's doing really amazing things.

Or helping a first time home buyer find their dream home without the stress and worry. Or share a story about a local business that is giving back to the community in a big way. It all has a purpose and it all gives me an opportunity to help make the world a better place, one little step at a time.

That's how we can do it. Each of us taking that one little step to make someone's day better so they can carry that with them and do it for someone else. I challenge you, and myself, to be a world changer today so that maybe tomorrow, next week, next year, someone else can be the world changer that you need. 

I graduated in January of 2019 from Taylor University with a degree in professional writing and public relations. I studied marketing, business and creative writing on the side. Now, I am back in Holland, Michigan looking for the next story, the next business idea, the next home for a client and the next steps for me as I grow and give myself grace, day after day.

I don't have everything figured out but I do know that I am blessed and fully known, and I am constantly reminding myself that that is always enough.